FHC Announced Today That Jason Trolian Has Joined The Organization As Its New CIO

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F.H. Cann & Associates announced today that Jason Trolian has joined the organization as its new Chief Information Officer. For decades Jason has quietly been the technical brain trust behind the scenes at some of the largest players in the ARM industry, designing and developing some of the most complex and comprehensive collection workflows for clients consisting of many of the worlds largest and most prestigious financial organizations. Mr. Trolian is in a very small and elite class of IT leadership professionals who not only thoroughly comprehend the unique nuances of the ARM industry, but is also a recognized leader that is in the forefront of cutting edge ARM technology implementation. “We are so excited and privileged to be able to add to our strategic leadership team, an individual with the level of unparalleled talent and industry knowledge that Jason possesses” stated, Walter Steele, Chief Operating Officer, F.H. Cann & Associates.   He continued, “What is unique about Jason is that he brings an exceptional blend of operational and IT experience to the organization. Jason spent over a decade in senior leadership on the operations side of the ARM industry prior to amassing close to another decade of IT leadership experience. To be able to have someone as our CIO that possesses that kind of deep industry knowledge on both sides of the coin is a huge strategic advantage for our organization”.  


In the last few months F.H. Cann & Associates has quietly been amassing a stockpile of industry leading talent. For a company that prefers to fly below the radar and let their performance do the talking for them, they have been making a lot of noise recently. In November, they announced the hiring of Walter Steele, another recognized industry leader as their new COO, and now with the addition of Mr. Trolian as their new CIO, they have definitely turned a lot of heads in their direction and put the ARM industry on notice that there is a new major player emerging in this sector. “These recent strategic leadership moves emphasize our unwavering commitment as an organization to the highest level of quality and performance for our clients” said Frank H. Cann, President and CEO, F.H. Cann & Associates. Frank added, “By adding someone of the caliber and talent level of Jason to our already fortified leadership team almost seems unfair. “
It appears that F.H. Cann & Associates with its previous moves and the recent addition of its new CIO, is rapidly becoming a company that warrants some major attention. Walter Steele, Chief Operating Officer, F.H. Cann & Associates concluded with, “We at F.H. Cann and associates are evolving very quickly. On the other hand, we are taking a managed growth approach to our future.  To that end, the recent moves by Frank, especially the addition of an incredibly talented asset like Jason to our leadership team, only reinforces our tireless commitment to performance and the overall value we provide to every client that chooses to partner with F.H. Cann and Associates.”  
F.H. Cann and Associates is a full service debt collection and receivables management firm providing services for Recovery, Default Prevention, and Receivables Management Consulting. FHC is licensed and bonded in all fifty states.   


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