FHC Offices prepare to telework during COVID-19 situation


FHC continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and has taken steps to reduce close proximity exposure amongst employees at this time. The safety and health of FHC employees continues to be our top priority. As this situation continues, FHC is proactively and strategically planning for how we can effectively operate over a longer period of time.


Although on-site interaction is necessary for many positions to be successful on a regular basis, we are creatively looking at interim opportunities to allow employees who may be able to work remotely, to do so as needed if the situation worsens or we are instructed to do so by local officials. Over the past few days, the leadership team and managers have been reviewing their organization, working with their employees and collaborating with our IT Department to test our systems and ensure employees have the necessary access to work remotely.


The first group who have been identified for set up of work from home (WFH) capabilities are employees who have workstations with Windows 10 on their home computer, have the appropriate internet speed, and are deemed eligible by FHC IT Dept based on feedback from the completed surveys. Those who met with IT today and were given instructions on how to set up this function on your home computer should follow that guidance and work with your Supervisor and FHC IT Dept on WFH setups. Please note that the successful install of WFH capabilities on your home computer does not mean you will be eligible for teleworking. This is just an identified solution in the event it becomes necessary for assigned personnel to telework. Should teleworking becoming necessary, it is within FHC’s sole discretion to identify individuals to begin working from home. In the coming days, we will be testing these systems and our IT infrastructure to ensure it can handle the volume of users working remotely.


Ohio EmployeesUnless you receive specific instruction prior to your next scheduled shift, you should continue to report to the office during your scheduled shift to work.


North Andover EmployeesIf you met with IT today and were given instructions on how to set up VPN on a home computer, you are not expected to report onsite during this time as you will be a part of this test exercise to ensure we have proper work from home capabilities. All other employees should continue to report to the office during your scheduled shift to work.


If you have been identified as key personnel, please report onsite during your scheduled hours and bring home laptops and required equipment every night going forward.


In the event that FHC is required by officials to close one or more of our offices, a text message and/or voice message will be sent to all employees with specific details. Please keep your contact information on ESS up to date.

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