• Customized program

  • Dedicated staff

  • Technological advances

  • Propritary analytics

  • Skip-tracing

  • Compliance and Quality

  • PolicyTech Management Software

  • Information Security Management

  • Robust training

Every FHC employee recognizes that our clients come first. From our initial interview, to training, to on-going monitoring, we instill our core values of Respect, Care, and Recovery. We believe having built an organization with employees who share these core beliefs plays a key role in what sets us apart from the competition. FHC is committed to providing our clients with top-notch recoveries while being responsive to each client’s specific service needs.

Other items that differentiate us from the competition include:

  • A customized program to meet each client’s specific needs

  • Dedicated specialized staff who only work your portfolio

  • Investing in the latest technological advances which impact the collection industry allowing us to

    • Create custom workflows based on segmentation and complex scoring models

    • Provide informative custom reporting to better manage receivables, project recoveries, as well as trends

    • Develop unique dialer campaigns and collection workflows tailored to each distinct business line of a client

  • Proprietary analytics

  • The development of an extensive and superior skip-tracing program

  • An independent team dedicated to Compliance and Quality Assurance

  • Policy & procedure management system that makes the complex tasks and policies simple and seamless, and helps the organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements.

  • A comprehensive Information Security Management Program that goes beyond what is required

  • Robust initial and continuous training

At FHC, we have seen that our unique approach in working with each client combined with our emphasis on hiring the right people and providing the right tools and technology has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and superior performance that positively impacts our clients’ bottom line.

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