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Loan Servicing

We Understand Working with Consumers

FHC provides high quality customer contact and back office support. We understand the value of working with consumers early in the loan process and to help them make wise borrowing decisions. Our team is ready to address origination and disbursement questions that may arise during initial contacts with customers. Building a rapport with customers earlier in the loan life cycle cultivates stronger repayment habits.

Student Loan Servicing
Financial Loan Servicing

FHC has over 20 years of student loan experience and offers full student loan servicing throughout the customer life cycle.  Using innovative technology, applying best practices and professional staffing we ensure your customers benefit from low cohort default rates, less overall delinquency by keeping customers in current repayment statuses resulting in lower default rates. FHC does this while maintaining high customer survey results as the Customer Service Experience is our top priority.

FHC provides transparent loan servicing solutions customized to meet your needs. Our solutions are compliant with all policies and regulations and our partners receive personalized service and support through our client services group. We manage loans using proven business processes and innovative technology. The FHC Value promotes the use of focused strategies for each individual project. We help customers with their financial obligations in all stages of the loan life cycle.

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What is achieved by partnering with FHC is economies of scale, lower costs, and improved management efficiency.