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5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp During Uncertain Times

5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp During Uncertain Times

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are experiencing big changes to our lives. During these uncertain times, most of us are either working from home, or have lost some or all of our work altogether. Plus, with social distancing orders in place for months now, we’re staying home for many more hours than usual. If you feel like you’re a little scattered during these times, you are definitely not alone. We here at FHC know how difficult and trying these times are. That’s why we want to share five ways you can keep your mind sharp during these uncertain times.


  1. Get physical

With all of these extra hours spent at home, many of us are moving a lot less than usual. Instead of getting up to commute to work, we’re working from home, and maybe staying inside the whole day. Plus, gyms and other fitness centers are closed, making it difficult to stick to our exercise routines. To keep your mind sharp, make sure you stay moving. In general, regular exercise is shown to change your brain and improve your memory and thinking skills. 

  1. Keep learning

To keep your mind sharp during these uncertain times, make sure you’re staying engaged. It can be easy to drift off while working from home, or spend extra time watching your favorite television show. During some of your downtime, choose to do stimulating activities. You can take a free online course in a subject that’s interesting to you, read books, play games like chess, or do puzzles. 

  1. Stay organized

It can be easy to become scattered when your schedule is thrown into disarray. To keep your mind sharp, get yourself organized. You can use a planner or a calendar application, keep your keys in the same place, and have a neat work station. Your mind will feel much sharper, if your life is in order.

  1. Get enough rest

It can be challenging to figure out your productivity during these uncertain times. Putting down your work for the day can be difficult when there’s little separation between work and home life. Make sure you’re getting proper sleep, to keep your mind sharp. Go to bed by a certain time, and wake up at a regular time every day. Getting into a good sleep routine can definitely help your mind in the long run.

  1. Stick to a routine

To keep your mind sharp, get into a groove, even in these uncertain times. Set up a morning routine that helps you start your day right. This might be a quiet cup of coffee, reading the news or a book, or going for a walk around the neighborhood. Set up a structure for your day, so you accomplish the goals you’d like to get done. If you have a regular routine, you’ll be able to feel productive, and keep your mind sharp.

During these uncertain times, we are all experiencing highs and lows. We recently shared some tips to remaining happy and productive while working from home. Here at FHC, we’re here to support you, and we’re working to support our employees the best we can. Just recently we announced we would be adding 125 employees to our Sharonville, Ohio offices. And however you’re managing to get through these uncertain times, know that we’re all in it together.