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Thriving in the Face of Crisis – The 5 Building Blocks of Business Continuity

Thriving in the Face of Crisis – The 5 Building Blocks of Business Continuity

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many businesses have adapted, and made big changes, and not all of these changes came easily. A big concern for many businesses has been business continuity.

Simply put, business continuity means a business’ ability to continue normal operations and functions in the wake of a disaster or threats. Some businesses have struggled with business continuity during the pandemic, while others have excelled.

Here at FHC, we believe we have thrived during this crisis, and it’s thanks in part to certain strategies we have employed. Despite this time being far from “business as usual,” it has been our goal to keep our operations thriving.

Here are the five building blocks of business continuity FHC has employed to thrive in the face of this crisis.

  1. Ensuring our employees are highly trained
A top priority for us during this time of crisis has been to ensure that our remote employees are highly trained, especially in any new workflows and procedures.

We wanted to make sure our employees felt supported and skillful in these new, uncharted territories. To do so, we’ve continued our practice of implementing frequent trainings and certifications. 

  1. Concrete technological infrastructure

A big component of running remote contact center operations, particularly complex ones, is making sure there is the technological infrastructure in place to handle the workload. This has proven to be especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here at FHC, we have made sure our remote employees have the technological infrastructure in place that they need to continue thriving in their roles.

  1. Adapting for the needs of our clients

We’re not the only ones facing challenges and changes during this crisis: our clients are as well. Because of this, and in the interest of business continuity, we’ve worked to carefully ensure we are adapting our work to the new needs of our clients.

Each of our clients have specific workflows and considerations, and many of these changed during the pandemic. For the past 20 years, we’re always looking for ways to turn setbacks into opportunities to grow. This prepared us to thrive during the pandemic.

  1. Safety and security has remained a priority
With our contact center employees working remotely, it has been critical to ensure that the safety and security of our customers and their information is ensured.

We have gone above and beyond, and taken every step available to ensure that despite our workforce working remotely, that the safety and security of our customers’ information has in no way been compromised.

  1. Plans for continued growth

To ensure business continuity, it’s also been important for us to find ways to grow and expand. Because of our diverse range of experience with clients, we were able to take on a large project during this time of crisis, to staff a State Unemployment Office.

This enabled us to hire new employees, during a time when most companies were downsizing. For us, this has been a huge tool in ensuring business continuity, because we were able to continue growing and expanding both our services and our workforce.