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COVID-19 Response Services

FHC COVID-19 Response Services

During these unprecedented times we’ve remained in a unique position to help private organizations, state and local governments, and those who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with poise and professionalism when response support is needed most.

From surges in demand in particular sectors, to overseeing situations where thousands of people need to receive key information quickly, through transitioning to a new reality where health and economic circumstances need to addressed compliantly, FHC is proud to serve those who need us most.

Contact Tracing
Information Hotlines
Unemployment Support

FHC is in a unique position where we have the staff, call center infrastructure, and business experience to control the spread of COVID-19 with our contact tracing services.

Our experience working with state, federal, and local governments since 1999 gives us a competitive advantage when our clients are seeking a contact tracing call center who can oversee mission critical campaigns to stop the spread of COVID-19.

FHC has the size, experience, and internal resources to quickly launch campaigns where both inbound and outbound call agents can provide 24/7 coverage and support omni-channel methods of communication with recipients.

We are positioned to compliantly support the healthcare industry as well as state and local governments when private and sensitive information needs to be expressed quickly.

FHC regularly handles high-volume information hotlines with ease and confidence to deliver the best experience possible throughout the communication lifecycle. 


With the surge in unemployment rates due to COVID-19 considerations, FHC proudly supports state and federal initiatives with respect to supporting claims and processing benefits.

We have the size, experience, and internal training infrastructure to understand client program needs so that unemployment support can be delivered when it’s needed most.

FHC cares deeply about providing relief when it’s needed most and our industry experience since 1999 offers a competitive advantage to serve our clients and everyone who needs care, attention, and unemployment support during these unprecedented times.

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What is achieved by partnering with FHC is economies of scale, lower costs, and improved management efficiency.